Dr David R Brake

Academic, Internet Consultant and Journalist


Dr David R Brake

Skilled in qualitative research and analysis, undergraduate, postgraduate and professional teaching, report writing, journalism - particularly covering technology and the Internet, virtual community building and maintenance.



Comment: How social media fools us into revealing more than we intend to

Hardly a day goes by without a story in the news about politicians, celebrities or ordinary members of the public revealing embarrassing or discrediting details about themselves and those around them online. Link to Story

4 steps to be more private online

If the thought of inadvertent over-sharing of your personal life online worries you, what can you do?
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Are you over-sharing online?

Why is it that grown-up people put their personal lives up online, visible to hundreds, thousands or even millions of readers or viewers, that in times past they would only have wanted to share with close friends? Dr David R Brake identifies the reasons why we over-share online
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Facebook isn’t dead and buried, but dodgy journalism lives on

Claims that Facebook is 'dead to teens' were greatly exaggerated - and churnalism is to blame.
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What does your e-mail address say about you?

Among Internet veterans there is a clear, if seldom expressed, status ranking based on the e-mail address you have.
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Breaking into film

The coming threat of movie piracy online
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You Are Here

An exploration of the social implications of GPS and its incorporation into mobile phones
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Oxfam nixes Kosovo 'spam' campaign

Plan to use e-mail for fund raising to help refugees stymied by furious anti-spam campaigners.

The U.S. Wide Web

How many US web publishers in the mid-90s ignored their international audiences.

Lost In Cyberspace

Revealed that only a small proportion of the WWW was being indexed by search engines.
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Striking for Cheaper Phone Rates

A 14-nation European protest staged with support from AOL Europe and WWW founder Tim Berners-Lee.
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The telephone toll

A personal look at the high price of internet access across Europe in the late '90s. Link to Story


Dr David R Brake

I have over a decade’s experience as a print and online journalist covering predominantly technology, also breaking news and features while at BBC News Online and ITN Online. In 1995 I was the Net Editor at New Scientist and while there launched one of the first major online extensions of a UK magazine.

From 1999 to 2002 I became involved as a consultant in a variety of online publications, from a news search site to one of the most ambitious early broadband video projects– Network of the World - giving me experience of managing in a rapidly-changing environment and an insight into the ways in which online business models for journalism continue to evolve.

I am in my sixth year of full-time teaching, but I have also taught part time in various higher education institutions both public and private since 2000. I have been an active researcher since my PhD, producing a book, Sharing Our Lives Online: Risks and Exposure in Social Media and several articles in highly-ranked journals alongside my teaching. I have also produced a number of media policy-related reports and literature reviews while at the London School of Economics.



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